Realistic IT is a Software Company in Bangladesh

About us


About us

We've skilled in web development, android app, and various digital marketing tools.

Technology Familiar Software Company

Realistic IT currently exists the brainchild of some fresh youth brain. Those young minds not only think regarding doing enormous but all of us also able to think creatively and also able to chase any complexity in addition to bug effectively.
Realistic IT has taken this mission to work over here challenging field to construct useful in addition to creative plans for making human life more easier. All of us have experienced in addition to the creative team of web designers, web developers, graphic designers, android app developers, software developers, and digital marketers. Our team currently exists able to construct various types of Web, Desktop, Android applications in addition to work with plenty of foreign clients. We have the domain and hosting service, and also serve digital marketing in addition to SEO. All of us remain committed to providing low-prices for clients, user-friendly UI, secure, effective, in addition to reliable service. We also grant support, fixed the expected bug, and also produce likely demanded services over the existing system.
We always try to exist friendly with our employees in addition to clients. We firmly believe, if we currently able to satisfy our employees, then they able to produce more in a short time. In other hands, we always try our immeasurable to serve our clients.

The Crew

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