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Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Realistic IT digital marketing team allows brands to discuss with clients, create memorable experiences and engage through conversations using multiple platforms. We recommend to create and execute a digital engagement strategy for clients with a clear focus on delivering measurable Return on investment, and great brand experience.

To create effective brand events, and works with clients to understand their business goals and user needs, the focus is on the fundamental pieces to driving business and delivering results. With this acumen, Realistic IT is able to design integrated digital marketing solutions coupling our digital core service offerings as well as offline tactics to engage targeted audiences and achieve goals. Services Include:

Digital Strategy Formulation

->  Planning and Assessment, ->  Formulating the story/message, ->  Choosing the best Platforms, ->  Advertising & campaign planning, achievement, and management, ->  Editorial and creative content generation, ->  Fans & Followers acquisition for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, ->  End-to-end managed service including Object-relational mapping (ORM)

Digital Media

->  Outlining & buying for online media, ->  Regular optimization and methodical campaign management, ->  Analytics and Social Audits

Analysis and Evaluation

->  Complete analytics of all Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web and Mobile Marketing activities, ->  Campaign management and reporting
Web Marketing

Web marketing is one of the main parts of Digital Marketing. Web marketing is an important way of building up the profile of your company and attracting new customers, as well as reinforcing your brand in the minds of your current customers. It ensures that your web presence is attracting the customers and your website is getting as many visitors as possible.

If you want to have a highly successful web campaign, then it is important that you think as many different ways of marketing your company online as possible.

Our services include

->  Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ), ->  Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), ->  Google AdWords
PPC - Pay per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a fantastic method to instantly get your business in front of your target market online. Paid search is incredibly measured and a wonderful way to demonstrate Return on investment (ROI) against ad spend. By setting up and managing best practice PPC campaigns that match with your business’s goals, we deliver more customers with the purpose to your website.

The Realistic IT digital marketing team manage and tweak our PPC campaigns daily to ensure that we consistently hit the goal. We don’t just send traffic to your website, we want your visitors to convert into buyers.

We offer the following Paid Search Advertising services:

->  Google Search Text Ads, ->  Google Shopping (PLA), ->  Display Advertising, ->  GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions), ->  AdSense video Advertising (YouTube), ->  Remarketing